Conditions of Hall Use

The booking and use of Whipton Hall is subject to the following conditions.

This hall is run and administered by volunteers who give their time and often resource for free.

Please treat the facilities and its supporters with respect.

Thank you.


1.I/We agree to hire the hall for the activity agreed when the hall was originally booked.

2.We agree that the hall will be left clean and tidy as found.

3.All tables and chairs will be returned to the storage areas identified.

4.Chairs must not be stacked more than 3 high, for the safety of all users.

5.All doors and windows to be closed and locked when leaving.

6.Also when leaving please ensure if used, lights, heaters and taps are turned off, outside lights can be turned off by setting the timers. (Please ask if unsure)

7.No smoking in the Hall.

8.Noise, Disco and party noise is unavoidable, but please consider the local residents, complaints of extra loud noise may result in future bookings being refused.

9.The consumption of alcohol inside is allowed but must not be consumed outside or sold on the premises. (failure to comply may result in the booking being cancelled and you being asked to leave and no refund will be given)

10. All rubbish must be cleared from the site when you leave.

11. Consideration to local residents, please leave quietly.

12. Any keys issued, must not be copied. Any losses must be reported as soon as possible.

13. Any items left in the storage areas are left at the owners risk.

14. The Community Association reserve the right to charge for any additional cleaning, replacement or removal of rubbish that is considered necessary over and above normal use.

15.No dogs or pets allowed in the hall unless purposely required i.e. Guide dog for sight impairment etc


By accepting the offer for a booking for the rent and use of the hall, I/we agree and accept the above terms of use, I understand that failure to adhere to these terms may result in additional charges as per 14 above.


Safety (as no staff are on site)

In the event of any emergency it is the hirer's responsibility for safety in the hall and the hirer must take responsibility for the evacuation of the hall if needed.

The fire assembly area is by the front gate.


Support Us

We are a volunteer run, non-profit organisation and welcome any kind of support. If you would like to help us please check out the Contact Us page for more information.

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